CEPT University focuses on understanding, designing, planning, constructing and managing human habitats. Established in 1962, it is one of India’s leading institutes in this sector. The Admission policy of CEPT University is merit based and means blind. It is the endeavor of CEPT to assist students with modest financial means through various financial aid mechanisms. CEPT University has instituted Scholarships, Assistantships, Loan Interest Waivers, Travel grants and various other means of student support. These Scholarships and Grants demonstrate our commitment to recognition, excellence, equity, and diversity.
All scholarships and financial supports can be broadly divided into two categories
  1. Pre admissions: The applicant must submit it along with admissions application form and the eligible applicant get to know the assured scholarship amount along with admissions offer letter.
  2. Other Scholarship: There is a range of scholarships and financial supports available, which a student may avail only after taking admission.
The Pre Admissions Scholarship (Means cum Merit)
Pre Admission Scholarship (Means cum Merit) will be awarded to selected students from among the eligible applications. The Pre Admissions Scholarship (Means cum Merit) is to be availed by the students who fulfil the eligibility criteria mentioned as below:
Scholarship Application Process:
  1. Applicant need to fill up the online scholarship form only once, irrespective of number of programs he or she wish to apply.
  2. You will be required to upload the mentioned documents in scholarship form to apply for the scholarship.
  3. The award of the Scholarship will be announced along with your Admission Offer Letter; however, the amount will be disbursed after one month from beginning of semester / lectures.
  4. Last date: 3rd December 2020 | 5 pm. (ACPC - B Arch applicants only)
For any further clarification in this regard please contact Admissions Office in below mentioned contact details
Admissions Office
Phone: 1800-270-4030
Email: admissions@cept.ac.in
For the post admissions scholarships and Financial support (Click Here)
The Pre Admissions Scholarship Application Form
Name of Applicant * Email ID *
Mobile No * Alternative Contact No *
Application Number * Program Applied for *
Seat No * Aadhar Card No. *
Father's Name *
Mother Name *
Address *
City *
State * Pin Code *
Name of Scholarship / TFW / GOG / GOI / NGO * Amount availed in 2018-19* Remove
if not applicable kindly tick here
Name of earning member in the family * PAN No * Occupation/s * Annual Income (FY 2018-19)* Remove
if not applicable kindly tick here
Documents required (Submissions of following documents are mandatory)
1* Select option and upload at least one document
Income Tax Returns of all earning family members for last two years along with copy of Detailed Income Computation. (Financial year 2017-18- Assessment Year 2018-19, Financial year 2018-19- Assessment Year 2019-20).
If Income Tax Returns are not filed, Income Certificate issued by appropriate Government Authority. (Financial year 2017-18- Assessment Year 2018-19, Financial year 2018-19- Assessment Year 2019-20).
If Parent(s) are salaried employee, Form 16 Copy/Salary Certificate issued by Employer for last two years i.e. Financial year 2017-18- Assessment Year 2018-19, Financial year 2018-19- Assessment Year 2019-20.
2 If Parent(s) are having business income, copy of Signed/Audited Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account for Financial year 2018-19-Assessment Year 2019-20.
3* List of Immovable Properties and Investments owned by the family along with Approx. Market Value as on 31.3.2019. (Download Format).
4* Copy of Bank statement of the last two financial year i.e. Financial year 2017-18-Assessment Year 2018-19, Financial year 2018-19- Assessment Year 2019-20.
5* Student undertaking that they are not recipients of any other government/private scholarships or grants or benefits. (Download Format).
6* Income declaration by parents/guardians, stating definite income as per the Income tax return Financial Year 2018-19 from all sources by way of an affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper is required.(as per given Format of Affidavit). (Download Format).
7* Copy of Bank passbook or blank crossed cheque of the bank (Account must be in the name of the student applying for Scholarship).
8* Educational Expenses of other siblings and any Government/Other help. (Download Format).
9* Receipt of Fee payment of the last semester/year attended at the last College/ School.
I hereby state that all information furnished by me is correct to my knowledge. In case of any false information or suppression of necessary data proved in my application, it is liable to get cancelled at any stage of the scholarship process and the entire amount of scholarship will be refunded by me or recovered from me. CEPT University decision shall be final and binding on me.
You will be able to submit the scholarship application form once you submit and pay the program application form.